My bros and I have recently been watching Celebs Go Dating. Well I say that, we watched 2 episodes together and I watched the other 3 myself. I’m just cool like that.

Our favourite stories are Jorgie and Perri. Jorgie because she’s as useless at dating as we are (oh you like someone? Clearly the way to let them know is to say and do nothing any different then normal), and Perri for the same reason. But Perri’s parts have got me thinking.

Every date he’s organised himself so far has been, in my opinion, perfect. Giant milkshakes? Great idea. Ice skating? Amazing fun. I’d be over the moon if I got to do either of those on a date! So why are the dating agents being so mean to him about them?!

I don’t get it. If the guy likes doing these things, and wants to meet a girl who likes doing these things then surely the best way to meet someone is to do these things? My first dates (not that there’s actually been that many) have ranged from dinner at the Savoy to a casual milkshake and chips, and guess what? I dated the milkshake guy because he likes doing the same things as me!

So Perri. If you ever read this. Which you undoubtedly won’t. Don’t listen to the agents. There are girls who would like nothing more then to spend an afternoon ice skating and slurping slushies. I would know, because I am one. If fancy dinners aren’t your style, then don’t bother. What’s the point?

You do you.


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