I had a driving lesson scheduled on Saturday. All my family were out- my mum was collecting my brothers from a tennis match and my dad was fishing somewhere.

Being the good student that I am, 15 minutes before my lesson starts I lace up my trainers, shut the front door and head out to practice my starts in the drive. 25 minutes of driving in circles later, my instructor is nowhere to be seen.

It is not unusual for him to be late. It is unusual for him not to tell me he’s going to be late. So I drop him a text, and go back to circling the drive. After another 5 minutes I’m getting quite bored, and decide maybe it’s time for me to wait for him inside. And then I realise I’m locked out. Great.

Three quarters of an hour into my ‘lesson’ my dad gets home and my instructor calls to tell me he’s stationary on the M5 and hasn’t had signal for the last 45 minutes.

What a great afternoon.


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