I’m Ren: a 21 year old girl from London. I study mechanical engineering at Imperial College, but I spend a significant proportion of my spare time trying to forget that I accidentally wound up on one of the most difficult courses at one of the most difficult universities in the country. I still don’t know what 18 year old me was thinking…

I am a little bit obsessed with circus so much of my time is devoted to activities relating to that. I’m part of the Street Circus Collective at the Roundhouse where we get to learn a bit of everything, and I fly with Gorilla Circus when I can afford to- student life is tough! I’m always looking for new training opportunities.

Any time I’m not flying, I’m now sitting in a boat on the freezing cold Thames attempting to move down the river without capsizing. I don’t know why I thought I’d have enough time to row as well as doing 15 hours of circus a week and a degree, but for some reason I did. Follow your dreams and all that.

In the summer I abandon our little island and disappear off to the US. I work at a traditional camp in PA where I teach circus, shockingly enough. We have a full sized flying rig which is jaw-droppingly brilliant, as well as just about every other activity you can think of. My summers are filled with food fights and water fights and superhero days. Beats an internship for sure.

Aside from all that, I’m one of those people that things just happen to. If a waiter’s going to get someone’s order wrong it will be mine. If a lift is going to stop working, I’ll be in it. Those sort of things. That unusual trait combined with my fairly unusual obsessions can lead to events that don’t happen to most people. Hopefully you’ll find some of them funny.


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